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Heat Treatment

Bedbugs will prove to be a tough puzzle to solve, but you’re wise and diligent. You won’t give up until the problem is rectified. When you work with us, you will always have an upper-hand over these pesky pests. Our company can help you eliminate bedbugs by using our innovative heat treatments.

We offer comprehensive thermal heat treatments. We can help identify bedbugs, eliminate bedbugs, and prevent bedbugs.

How Our Exterminators Eliminate Bedbugs With Heat

Bedbugs are hardy so they can survive when exposed to the harshest conditions. However, they are vulnerable to certain environmental attributes. Bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. When bedbugs are exposed to 140-degree or hotter temperatures, they will die. They cannot tolerate these temperatures. If they can’t escape, they’ll succumb to the heat. We often recommend heat because it can treat the entire home at once. We’ll use heat machines to increase the home’s temperatures rapidly.

Our exterminator will push the temperatures to 140-degrees or higher, and we’ll maintain these extreme temperatures for several hours. The heat has no boundaries. It will heat all small cracks, holes, gaps, and crevices. Any bedbugs hiding in these holes will be exposed to the heat, so they’ll die as well.

Why Our Clients Prefer Heat

Our clients prefer heat because it offers immense benefits. When our clients rely on heat treatments, they can rest assured knowing everyone is going to be safe. They won’t put their loved ones in danger. In addition to that, their problem will not become problematic for others. Furthermore, heat is one of the most reliable treatments for bedbugs. If bedbugs are hiding in your home, heat treatments will likely eliminate them.

The only risk is that your home is not fully sealed and bedbugs will find a way to escape. If they can escape your home and the heat, they’ll survive. Our exterminator will check the home and block these exit points to prevent this from happening.

A Precise Procedure

Ultimately, the bedbug treatment process requires precision and accuracy. Our company will work hard to make sure that our heat treatments work flawlessly. When you agree to use our services, you can guarantee that our exterminator will take the problem seriously. They’ll carefully monitor the temperatures to make sure they remain 140-degree or higher. These temperatures must be maintained for two hours or longer.

There cannot be fluctuations since that would allow the bedbugs to live. We won’t let that happen. We’ll monitor the temperatures and keep them above 140-degrees for several hours. Our precise procedure guarantees that the bugs will perish and your home will be free of bedbugs.

Safety Precautions

Although our bedbug heat treatments are safe, we prefer taking extra precautions. We want to prevent problems from occurring and people from getting sick. As a result, we’re going to take several safety precautions to guarantee your safety. We’ll make sure that our clients remain out of the home during the procedure. Once we’ve finished eliminating the bedbugs and cleaning up the home, we’ll call the client to confirm they can return.

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