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Our Seattle Flea Control – What Seattle Consumers Should Know!

If you are a long-time pet owner, it is likely you and your pet(s) have encountered at least one flea. These insects are what scientists describe as a “parasite,” which means they survive on a host. In this case, the host can be a human or animal. Like ticks and bed bugs, fleas feed on blood twice a day. However, fleas and ticks behave differently when it comes to feeding. They will feed during the day and night, regardless of whether or not their hosts are asleep. The bed bug, on the other hand, will only feed when its host is asleep. How does the bed bug know when its host is asleep? A sleeping human emits a pheromone that the bed bug can detect.

Most Commonly Reported Flea Sighting In Seattle?

Seattle residents report more cat flea sightings than any other species. Do not get too comfortable just yet because the feline (cat) is not the only mammal under a cat flea threat. Cat fleas have reportedly been found in the fur of deer, raccoon, opossum, and canines. The cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis” does not discriminate among humans or animals, nearly every living creature is at risk.

The flea is a small insect that grows up to 1/8” in length. Their flat body allows them to maneuver quickly through thick, dense animal fur and avoid capture from the human fingertips.

Flea Bite Characteristics

Unfortunately, the flea bite is not much different Flthan that of other insects. The onset of symptoms is generally almost instant, depending on the victim’s immune system response. The first sign of a flea bite is a tiny, pen tip-sized red dot. Depending on the victim’s immune system, the red dot may be accompanied by a small pustule and swelling.

Flea bites have been linked to tapeworms in animals that have the tendency to spread to humans. While animal-related tapeworm infections in humans are rare, several cases are reported in Seattle at least annually. A human unknowingly ingests an infected flea from an animal, resulting in a tapeworm infestation.

What Is The Best Pest Control Approach To Prevent Flea Infestations?

We believe our professional-grade flea management is the best option for Seattle consumers. We believe routine visual inspections of the interior and exterior of a property are the best approach to flea prevention. There are also other things Seattle residents can do to property their pets, children, and property from a flea infestation. Here are a few examples:

  • Do not adopt a pet without the proper resources – time, money, space, and patience. Animals require a lot of care, which takes time and patience. They also need a lot of space to exercise. When you a pet, you must follow a strict regimen to prevent flea infestations. Cats and dogs are always under a flea threat year-round, but flea activity begins to increase in late March, running through the onset of winter.
  • Treat your pets monthly with anti-parasitic medicine and shampoos.
  • Keep your lawn mowed to avoid excess moisture on the ground floor. This will help protect your property from a flea infestation.
  • Post “do not feed the wildlife” signs around your property. Deer, raccoon, foxes, and other wild animal species can be infested with fleas. When an infested-wild animal enters your property, it can leave a few fleas behind, especially when heavily infested.
  • Install barriers around low decks, porches, and exposed sheds and garages to keep wildlife out.
  • Develop a visual inspection routine for your pet’s living space and bedding.
  • Develop a routine cleaning schedule for your pet’s bedding.
  • Vacuum your entire home, including your pet’s living quarters, at least twice a week. If flea larvae and/or eggs are present, the vacuum will suction them up, preventing further spread of the infestation. After each vacuum, replace the bad after each use. Seal the vacuum bag before transporting it to the outdoor trash bin to prevent contamination.

Remember, we are here to assist, regardless if you are facing a full-blown flea infestation or just have a few questions that need answers. Be sure to take advantage of our free flea inspection, which is only offered via an appointment. We also offer free consultations and quotes per request.

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