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What Seattle Residents Need To Know About Beetle Pest Management!

The beetle is a social insect species that travels and lives in small to large colonies. The insect is also part of an insect classification known as “pantry pest.” Insects within this classification infiltrate pantries, cubbyholes, kitchen cabinets, and shelves where processed food products are stored.

There are three commonly reported beetle sightings – ground, longhorn, and powder post – in Seattle. Beetles vary in size and color, depending on the species.

Why Is My Home Infested With Beetles?

There is only one factor that contributes to a beetle infestation. This factor is no other than an access point. The only way the insect can invade your home is through an access point, such as a gap, crack, crevice, and an opening near doors and windows.

Once the insect is inside the home, it will begin a long search for vulnerable food packages. In their natural habitat, the beetle species is drawn to decaying wooden structures like tree stomps, decks, sheds, fence posts, firewood, and lumber.

Do Beetles Transmit Diseases To Humans?

Beetles have not been shown to carry diseases or parasites. However, in some situations, these insects pose foodborne illness risks. As a pantry pest, the beetle will contaminate processed food products, such as flour, cookies, candy, nuts, dog food, and spices.

Foodborne illnesses are associated with contaminated food as a result of contaminated fecal matter. The beetle consumes contaminated food that is evacuated from the body through fecal material, which is later deposited in processed food. The contaminated food is later ingested by a human, resulting in a foodborne illness.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy For Beetle Infestation?

We highly recommend our professional pest management, which combines routine visual inspections, customized treatment, and prevention. All of these services are combined into a single pest control strategy to ensure the maximum results.

Are DIY Pesticides Effective Against Beetle Infestations?

DIY pest control products have been shown to be effective against mild beetle infestations. However, beetle infestations are complex because they involve a small satellite colony inside the home and a larger, more powerful colony around the exterior of the property. Other-the-counter pesticides may eradicate the satellite colony, but will not put a dent in the colony.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive For The Pest Inspection?

It takes between 24 to 48 hours to process a beetle inspection. If you submitted your service request within the past 24 hours, it will be another 24 hours before we can dispatch an exterminator out to your home to perform the inspection. If you believe your beetle problem needs immediate attention, do not hesitate to inquire about our same-day and emergency services. Both of these options deliver speedier responses than our conventional pest control.

Is Professional Pest Control Expensive?

Our professional control generally only requires two treatments. In many cases, it is possible to save money and time with professional-grade pesticides, as compared to over-the-counter formulas. Two treatments compared to three or four treatments, you decide which will offer you the best price.

What Is The Best Beetle Prevention Strategy?

The best strategy to prevent future beetle infestations is one that targets your home’s pest barrier. This is a crucial component of your home’s structure. The pest barrier consists of floors, walls, ceilings, roofing systems, a foundation, doors, and windows. All of these components are responsible for protecting the interior of the home from element exposure, insect infiltration, and human intruders.

Vulnerable barriers are the result of a beetle infiltration, which could have been prevented with a waterproof sealant, such as caulk or silicone. Larger openings about public utilities underneath the kitchen and bathroom sink will require a more drastic approach utilizing plywood cut-to-fit

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