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Cryonite Treatment

Using Cryonite is an effective way to eliminate bedbugs in your home while protecting the ones you love. Nevertheless, you need to learn more about Cryonite treatments before moving forward. The procedure has become popular in Europe, American, and Australia because it works exceptionally well.

Our exterminator uses Cryonite to release CO2 in snow form. They will direct the snow to areas where bedbugs have been seen and their common hiding places. By doing this, you can eliminate the bedbugs even if they’re hiding in deep holes. Just remember that Cryonite kills bedbugs when it makes contact with them.

Eradicating Bedbug Infestations With Cryonite

How does Cryonite work? What makes it one of the best methods for eliminating bedbug infestation in a Seattle home? Well, Cryonite freezes bedbugs. It works rapidly to guarantee that the bedbugs are exposed to extremely low temperatures in seconds. The speed and unique snow formula guarantee rapid, safe results. In addition to this, it doesn’t leave a mess.

It Is Not Wet – One thing to note is that Cryonite is dry. It is never wet. It transitions from dry ice to gas rapidly without transforming into a liquid. Our exterminators can eliminate bedbugs hiding in electrical outlets, pipes, cabinets, and food preparation areas. There is little chance that bedbugs will survive.

Faster – Cryonite is designed to provide rapid results. The CO2 snow quickly freezes the bedbug to ensure it cannot survive. Furthermore, this technique effectively eliminates all stages of bedbugs, including eggs, larvae, and adult bedbugs.

Unique Unit – The exterminator uses a unique unit to disburse the Cryonite snow. The wand features a telescoping feature so the exterminator can reach objects near and far. In addition to this, it has a goose-neck nozzle to ensure they can easily spray the CO2 snow into cracks, crevices, and under furniture.

Deep – Bedbugs tend to shelter in deep cracks and crevices. Cryonite can reach and kill them anyway. It will penetrate any gap or crack and kill the bugs hiding inside.

Eco-Friendly Bedbug Elimination

Cryonite is an eco-friendly way to eliminate bedbugs in your home, and it offers the following benefits.

  • We can use Cryonite at any time and anywhere in the home.
  • It can be used on surfaces that are used to prepare food.
  • Your company’s production line may continue.
  • Guests and residents can return home faster.

Perks Of Cryonite

  • Cryonite can effectively eliminate all crawling insects, including ants, roaches, and bedbugs
  • You do not need to use dangerous pesticides in your home
  • The production line doesn’t need to stop
  • Any delays or downtime will be reduced
  • No residue means it can be used anywhere
  • Cryonite can be used around food preparation facilities
  • It is safe for everyone involved
  • It can eliminate all stages of bedbugs, including eggs and larvae
  • The costs are reduced
  • Cryonite is much safer for Mother Nature

We believe many of our clients will love our Cryonite treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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