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Box Elder Bugs

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What Seattle Residents And Businesses Should Know About Professional Box Elder Bug Control!

The box elder bug is a small insect with distinctive black with red-outlined wings. The insect species is what scientists refer to as an “overwintering pest,” which means a hibernation-like state throughout the winter season. To avoid spending the winter outdoors, the box elder bug invades buildings.

The insect grows up to approximately ½” in length. The diet consists of sap from maple, ash, box elder, and cheery trees.

Why Is My Seattle Home Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

Box elder bugs infiltrate houses and commercial buildings to avoid the winter outdoors. Small cracks, crevices, gaps, and other openings offer the box elder bug access into buildings. Once the home infiltrated, the insect begins searching for suitable shelter hidden from view.

Box elder bugs begin infiltrating buildings in late fall. This will continue until the onset of the winter season. When infiltration is unsuccessful, the box elder bug will seek warm shelter outdoors in trees, thick grass, and shrubs.

Do Box Elder Bugs Transmit Diseases And Parasites?

Box elder bugs have not been connected to human or animal diseases. Since the insect does not ingest food following a home infiltration, there is little concern for foodborne illnesses. Also, the insect does not reproduce indoors. In fact, the box elder bug female begins laying eggs in the early spring. Eggs can be found laying on tree leaves and branches.

What Is The Best Pest Control Strategy To Combat Box Elder Bug Infestations?

Our professional pest management is the best approach to eradicate a box elder infestation. Our best control consists of routine visual pest infestations, customized treatment, and prevention. We combine all of these services into one pest control strategy to help ensure access to all Seattle consumers. We offer appointment-only, same-day, and emergency pest management packages. We also offer customized packages based on data collected from the visual inspection.

Is DIY Pest Control Effective Against Box Elder Bug Infestations?

DIY pest control products may be effective in eradicating a mild box elder bug problem, but will not impact an infestation. Box elder bug infestations are very complex, thanks to social behaviors. We do not recommend homemade remedies for box elder bug infestations. These concoctions do not consist of ingredients that are not powerful enough to kill box elder bugs on contact. Depending on the ingredients, homemade pesticides may not have any impact on these insects.

How Long Will It Take The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home For The Inspection?

We recommend submitting your pest control service request to our local Seattle office. Once we receive the request, a customs support representative will initiate the processing. Within 24 to 48 hours of the request, we will be able to dispatch an exterminator to your home. If you would like a speedier response, do not hesitate to take advantage of our same-day or emergency service.

Do Pest Control Products Contain Toxins Dangerous To The Environment?

Pesticides do contain chemicals, some of which are not environmentally safe. However, it is possible to minimize the risk of exposure by heeding the manufacturer’s recommendations. We take pesticide safety to the next level by only carrying brands that have taken the steps to have their pesticides approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-approved pesticides are deemed “safe” when the exterminator follows the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee.

What Is The Best Pest Control Option For Box Elder Bug Infestations?

Our professional-grade pest management is the most effective in eradicating box elder bug infestations. Unfortunately, over-the-counter pest control products are only the basic formula, which means they are not always strong enough to impact an infestation. We do not recommend these products for moderate to severe box elder bug infestations. If you are only dealing with a few insects, DIY pest control products may be the solution.

Our Seattle extermination team works extended hours to ensure access to the best professional pest control in the nation. We combine routine visual inspections with a customized treatment plan to deliver the maximum results.

We offer free pest inspections, consultations, and quotes per appointment only. Be sure to take advantage of our same-day and emergency extermination services as well. We are here to serve Seattle residents facing the toughest challenge of their lives, box elder bug infestations.

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