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Bed Bugs

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Understanding Bedbugs

Bedbugs are not dangerous, but these ectoparasites will still feed on your blood. Since they can hide in your mattress, you may live with them without realizing it. Bedbugs want to suck your blood, and they don’t come out of their hiding spots until night. With that being said, they’ll likely eat your blood and you may not realize it. These bugs are unique because they hide in your mattress and box springs. They stay as close to you because they want to consume your blood in the middle of the night. These small insects rarely grow over 3/16th of an inch so you may not see them in your home.

Why Bedbugs Enter A Home

Why have bedbugs decided to enter your home? What makes your home a good choice for bedbugs? Well, these bugs are not picky. They’re happy as long as they have access to human blood. They’ll enter your home using several techniques. For instance, they may hide in your luggage when you stay at a motel that has bedbugs. When you return home, you’ll take the bugs home with you. They’ll stay hidden in your luggage until you get home. Then, they’ll leave the luggage and take shelter in your bed. In addition to this, there is a risk that they’re going to travel from a neighbor’s house or apartment. Bedbugs can travel a decent distance so living near a bedbug-infested home could create problems for you.

You’ll also have to be cautious about purchasing used items. Some items are good hiding places for bedbugs. If you buy an infested shirt or luggage, you’ll bring the bedbugs home with you.

How Dangerous Are Bedbugs?

You’re likely worried about the dangers posed by bedbugs. However, you shouldn’t be. Ultimately, bedbugs create numerous problems but they’re not dangerous to humans. They’ll suck your blood, but they cannot transmit dangerous diseases.

Eliminating Bedbugs

You should try to get rid of the bedbugs as quickly as possible. It won’t be easy to achieve this goal, but you can do it by working with us. Our company offers several bedbug elimination services, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to get rid of your bedbugs faster than our competitors. We also offer inspection services using canines to detect bedbug inspections faster than anyone. Contact us so we can detect and remove bedbugs from your home quickly.


Idea For – Manual services are not great for all situations. Instead, we recommend manual services when you need to remove bedbugs from a small section or room in your home.

Preparation – You’ll need to prepare your home before our exterminator arrives. Our manual services require a lot of effort from you.

Chemicals – We can eliminate bedbugs with and without chemicals.


Idea For – Heat is great for many situations. We can use heat treatment to eliminate bedbugs in a home or office building. Heat is effective for eliminating bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and larvae. It only requires one visit.

Preparation – You can rest assured knowing you won’t need to do much. And, you can return home on the same day.

Chemicals – We rarely use chemicals with our heat treatments. If we do, we’ll use the naturally-occurring Diatomaceous Earth.


Idea For – We recommend fumigation for eliminating bedbug infestations in apartment complexes, office buildings, and large buildings

Preparation – Little is required from you, but you’ll need to stay away from the building for 24 to 48 hours.

Chemicals – Our fumigation services use Vikane to eliminate bedbug infestations effectively.

Eliminating Bedbugs With DIY Solutions

Can you possibly eliminate bedbugs using DIY solutions? Ultimately, it is hard to say. If you choose the right solutions and know exactly where the bedbugs are hiding, you might be able to remove them without professional assistance. However, there is a risk that you’re going to miss a pregnant bedbug or two and that could create another infestation before you know it. Since the risks are immense, we recommend working with us. Our company will provide cost-effective, reliable solutions to get rid of the bedbugs for once and all.

How Safe Is Your Bedbug Solutions?

We’ve worked hard over the years to find safe bedbug solutions. We know that our solutions are effective and safe because we only use EPA-registered products. We would never use products that hadn’t been tested extensively. When you work with us, you can sleep soundly knowing we’re using products that are safe around people, pets, and plants. Furthermore, we’ll take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe every step of the way.

The Cost Of Your Bedbug Solutions

We’re going to work to provide you with cost-effective solutions. We guarantee that we’ll provide services you can afford. When we use the standard services, we only charge depending on the size of your home. Either way, our exterminator will tell you the price before our exterminator begins removing pests from your home.

Preventing Bedbugs From Invading Your Home

It is difficult to prevent bedbugs from entering your home, but you can take steps to defend yourself and your home. For starters, you’ll want to avoid staying at motels that have bedbugs. When traveling, be sure to check the motel carefully to guarantee it is free of bedbugs. You’ll also want to be cautious when obtaining used items. Check them carefully to make sure they’re okay.

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