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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentDo you need to remove bedbugs from a confined area? If so, you should contact us and take advantage of our conventional treatments. We’re ready to begin helping you. We use conventional treatments to eliminate bedbugs when our clients prefer this method. However, we work carefully to make sure that our conventional treatments provide long-lasting satisfactory results.

Researchers at Purdue University studied the effectiveness of using pesticides to remove bedbugs from a home. The study’s conclusions were startling and we’ve decided to implement them into our conventional treatment plans. The study concluded that pesticides could kill bedbugs, but two visits would be needed. In addition to this, the exterminator would need to visit the home twice in three or four weeks.

After the first visit, the exterminator should wait a week or two before visiting again. As a result, we’ve decided to follow these protocols.

  • We visit the home at least three times.
  • Our exterminator will inspect and treat the home during the first two visits.
  • On the third appointment, we’ll check the home for bugs.
  • If bedbugs are found, we’ll treat the home again.
  • Each visit is spaced out by 2 to 3 weeks to give the eggs time to hatch and the nymphs to hide in your home.

Put your mind at ease by using our comprehensive bedbug services. We’ll work rapidly to get rid of your bugs so you can return to normal life soon. Our solutions are safe, effective, and affordable.

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